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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Pamplona, Spain
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Program Website: Click to visit
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 09/21/2018 10/05/2018 TBA TBA
Fall 2019 02/22/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Academic Year 2019-2020 02/22/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.
Fact Sheet:
Language of Instruction: Spanish Language Prerequisite: Must be at the 200 level
Housing Options: Apartment, Residence Hall Minimum GPA: 2
Academic Area: Full Curriculum Credit Requirement: Currently Enrolled/Completing 24 Credits
Type of GO Program: Partner, Traditional
Program Description:
Many people think of the San Fermin Festival (The Running of the Bulls) when they think about Pamplona, Spain. Although this is the City's hallmark, Pamplona has much more to offer. Beautiful parks and gardens, medieval churches and buildings are all contained within the city's walls. This hospitable and friendly city is filled with local tradition and has many leisure and shopping facilities as well as delicious cuisine.

The Arrosadía Campus of la Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA) is located in the southern part of Pamplona, surrounded by open views of plush landscape and the river. The Arrosadía Campus is located in the city center and near the bypass which gives quick access to any other part of the metropolitan area of Pamplona. Many bus stops provide a quick means of transport from the campus to almost anywhere in the city; although a considerable number of teachers and students prefer to walk to the university. After all, Pamplona is still a city where the pedestrians can walk from the heart of the city - Castillo Plaza - to the university in less than half an hour.

UPNA is only 13 years old. Very young, but intense due to the activity involved in order to transform the Arrosadía area into a combined urban complex, fit for teaching and research work and integrated by a solid collectivity of teachers and administrators.

To watch a short video about UPNA, click here.


Students may choose to study abroad either for a semester or for a full academic year.

Fall Semester (The first semester at UPNA): mid-September to late January.
Spring Semester (The second semester at UPNA): early February and ends early June.
Study abroad participants receive an orientation at UPNA and have the option to take an intensive week-long Spanish course before the semester begins for an additional cost.
Note: Fall semester study is only for students not returning to Millersville for the spring semester.


Students have the options of an independent apartment rental or residence hall within the city of Pamplona.
1. Students can share a flat with other Erasmus, exchange, or Spanish students, which is the most common option. Other students choose to stay in the student residence hall on the UPNA campus, Residencia Universitaria los Abedules.  About a month before arrival, UPNA will remind you to make reservations with Los Abedules for 2 free nights stay. During that time you may choose which of the two options you would like as your permanent housing while studying at UPNA.

2. Most of the exchange and visiting students live in shared apartments in the city. The accommodation search can last up to 10 days, depending on the persistence of the student. UPNA can assist you with apartment searches if needed. Any additional days at the residencia must be paid by the student directly to Los Abedules.

The one thing I definitely recommend is choosing your living situation thoughtfully. I loved living with my roommates (originally I was living with a girl from the Czech Republic and one from France), but I sometimes wish I had lived with Spaniards. I know a couple of friends who lived with only Spaniards and they learned so much (slang, uses of vocabulary and verbs, etc.) I'm so jealous! :) I would recommend that to prospective students.
I thought of something important that students getting an apartment should consider. (This may apply for Abedules, too… I don’t know because I moved out before this.)  If they are staying for San Fermin, they should let their landlord know this before signing the contract and they should ask if the rent is the same for that month and if there is an extra cost that week. They need to be specific about this and should maybe even have it in writing. Homeowners in Pamplona can make a mint renting out their apartments during that week.  Even if they have a tenant contracted to stay through July, they may assume (or hope) that this person is leaving for that week so that they can bring someone else in. The friends I was staying with didn’t work this out in advance and, even though their lease was signed through July, we literally thought we would end up on the street up until two days before the festival started, when they finally worked out an OUTRAGEOUS deal. (We had to give them 800 Euros extra). The landlord was not happy at ALL with this deal, because she says that she had a family that was willing to pay her 2,000. This is for one week. My friends still had to pay July’s rent on top of all of that. And they were only there for half of the month.

The Los Abedules Residence Hall is an attractive option for students because of its convenience and location on the UPNA campus.The residence hall must be booked in advance in a process that is much more similar to signing a lease than reserving a room in an MU dormitory. Students can elect to reserve a place in Los Abedules for a shorter period while searching for an apartment or for the entire semester/academic year. ?


UPNA’s semester courses are offered to full time students, in which international undergraduate students attend classes with their Spanish peers. Students can take many UPNA regular courses according to their needs and their level of Spanish proficiency.To view the regular courses at the university refer here. After selecting a degree, to view the list of courses select "plan de estudios".  Click on the actual course (asignatura) to see a description.  Within each degree, a wide range of courses can be offered so it is recommended to research course offerings within multiple degree programs.

Spanish for Foreigners classes are also offered through the Centro Superior de Idiomas for an additional fee, independent from the exchange program.

La Universidad Pública de Navarra  Offers Courses in: Sociology, Math, Science, Business, Social Work, Education, Music, History, Literature, Spanish, Psychology, Geography, Journalism, Health Sciences and more. All courses are taught in Spanish.

Before each semester there is an optional free one week intensive Spanish course. UPNA will contact you about a month before arrival providing details and a date by which you must register for it if interested.
First semester classes run from the beginning of September to late January and second semester classes run from late January to June. The month of June is entirely devoted to spring semester and/or full year exams. Students will register for classes once they arrive at UPNA. It is important to have as many options as possible because some courses may overlap or have time conflicts.

Regarding Registration and the Drop/Add Period: In my semester, March 5th was the last day to register. There was a two week period before this date which was kind of like their drop/add time. You go to the classes for two weeks and see if you like them or not and then at the end of that time, you register. I was under the impression that you wouldn't be able to do much (about registering) until this two week period started, but I found out that it could've been done a lot sooner, and I wish I would have. I thought I had to wait to go to class to get the course descriptions, but the professors would have been very willing to send them through email beforehand. Instead, I ran around like a crazy person doing it at the last minute. Also, I would suggest to other students to email the professors before-hand confirming the time and the class room. Almost every single classroom is in the "Aulario" and there's a guy at the front desk there who can help if you can't find it. But there is an occasional class that is in another building, which was the case for me, and I was only able to go to one class before the registration deadline simply because I couldn't find where it was. The time and the room number online were wrong. So definitely confirm it with them before-hand; they're very nice about it.

During the academic year some teachers schedule their exams during the lessons period, so you should make sure you know when exactly the exams are. For each passed exam you receive a course report. The reports are available usually in the department, or in the main building, where the reports of your studies are shown. Before you leave, you should take the signed report to your home university, but if you don’t get your reports before your departure, they can be sent to you or to the international office of your university. If you decide to bring home your own copy of your transcript, please make sure the UPNA International Office knows they must still fax and mail an original directly to us as well.

UPNA Credits MU Credits
2 ECTS 1 credit

Spain U.S.
9.5-10 A+
9.3-9.4 A
9.0-9.2 A-
8.0-8.9 B+
7.0-7.9 B
6.0-6.9 B-
5.0-5.9 C
0-4.9 F

Due to my misunderstanding with the difficulty of the tests here, I don't want someone else to make the same mistake and have to re-take their finals.  Some people say exchange students have it easy. This is not necessarily true. You are treated like all the other students with the same tests and assignments. If you don't understand, immediately go for help. The teachers will both appreciate your effort and be very willing to help. They want you to succeed. A lot of the time, the types of tests are different from those you find at Millersville. Most of them are essays. You need to be prepared with all the information that is given to you in class. If there is a recommended book to read for class, it could be beneficial for you to read it.