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Study Abroad by Major

Students that have open courses available in General Education Categories of G1s (Humanities and Fine Arts) and G3s (Social Sciences) are able to study abroad in almost any location in the world. However, if a student wishes to take major or minor elective courses, then a little more research is needed to find the best program.

While Millersville offers many programs abroad, Study Abroad by Major ‌‌pathways help narrow down the large number of options by highlighting specific programs within the university’s portfolio that are best suited for particular majors. 

To view full information by major please click on the quick links below.

API Program Search by Subject
AIFS Program Search by Subject
ISA Program Search by Subject

Anthropology/Sociology Biology Chemistry: Business Communication Education Engineering English Environmental Studies Fine and Performing Arts Health Sciences History Hospitality and Tourism Languages Mathematics Political Science/ International Studies Psychology