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MU Scholarships

Millersville Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

Global Education is able to offer a limited number of scholarship opportunities on a semester by semester basis. Millersville University's study abroad scholarships are possible due to the generosity of MU study abroad alumni and other supportive benefactors.  These donors recognize the extraordinary impact that global education has upon professional and personal development and seek to inspire students to pursue international academic experiences during their time at Millersville.

General Eligibility Requirements:
  • All scholarships are only available to regularly enrolled Millersville University students who have been officially accepted to study abroad by Global Education.
    • Note: If an MU scholarship is awarded to a student studying abroad through a Non-MU program, the scholarship recipient must provide proof of acceptance to the Non-MU program in order for the scholarship to be disbursed.
  • Student must submit a scholarship application with a completed Millersville study abroad application by the announced application deadline.
  • Student must complete the entire pre-departure study abroad process, which includes submitting all application materials and pre-departure documents by the designated deadlines. Failure to complete the study abroad process satisfactorily and according to deadlines may jeopardize the student's scholarship eligibility.
  • It is expected that the recipient will maintain satisfactory academic progress prior to departure and during the study abroad term.
  • If the recipient of the scholarship should withdraw from his/her study abroad program at any time, the scholarship must be repaid in full to Millersville University immediately.
  • Note:  Scholarship recipients will be asked to send a note of appreciation to the scholarship donor.

To Apply:

Scholarship applications are part of the Millersville study abroad application on the online Global Education Portal. To be considered for any available MU scholarship opportunity, your scholarship application must be completed by the study abroad application deadline. 

International Social Work Field Placement applicants will receive the application and essay guidelines with their pre-departure paperwork.

Scholarship Disbursement Policies: 
  • All scholarships will be disbursed according to the regular Millersville disbursement cycle, as established by the Office of Financial Aid. Contact Financial Aid for details.
  • If the recipient receives a Millersville bill for the costs associated with studying abroad, the scholarship will be automatically applied to his/her bill. If the recipient is not billed by Millersville, the scholarship will be disbursed directly to the student.
    • If the scholarship recipient is studying abroad during a Summer session, he/she must complete a Summer Financial Aid Application with the Office of Financial Aid in order to have the scholarship disbursed with summer financial aid. The recipient must also communicate with the Development Office to notify them that he/she would like the scholarship applied to their Summer session.
  • Note: If the scholarship recipient receives other forms of financial aid (loans, grants, other scholarships, etc.) he/she should contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding how the study abroad scholarship will impact their overall financial aid package.
Jackson Family
International Education
Scholarship Endowment
Awarded to offset program expenses for a student
pursuing a global education opportunity abroad,
including, but not limited to, study abroad, internship
abroad, or student teaching abroad in a program
sponsored by, or coordinated though the Millersville
University Office of Global Education and
Partnerships (or its successor). This award will be
given to a student who is from an underrepresented
population and who has financial need.
Robert V & Virginia K
Brown Scholarship for
Global Education
Awarded to a student participating in a global
education experience, including but not limited to
year abroad, semester abroad, winter, and summer
session programs, internship abroad, and student
teaching abroad, sponsored by, or coordinated
through Millersville University's Gloabal
Education office (or its successor).
Dr Erik & Mrs Jeanne
Nakjavani Award for
International Study
Awarded to up to five students for expenses related
to study abroad, and/or international internships.
Students will be selected based upon the following
criteria: academic merit, the impact of the education
abroad on their professional and personal
development, and a commitment to promote
international education upon their return to
Millersville University.
Bennett J & Joanne Wargo
Cooper Global
Opportunity Scholarship
The annual spendable income will be awarded to an
upperclass student(s) studying abroad who
demonstrates academic excellence (minimum GPA of
3.0) and financial need. First preference will be given
to a student(s) within the Honors College.
The Dr James E Harf '61
Study Abroad Scholarship
First preference will be for students: (1) with
financial need, and (2) who are studying abroad for
the very first time. It is understood that all of the
financial support monies will be used as awards to
the students and applied to expenses directly
associated with the study abroad trip, not for
administravtive expenses such as a processing fee,
for example.
Peter L & Barbara B
Hunsberger Scholarship
for Study Abroad
Awarded to pay travel, room and board expenses for
a student who has been approved to spend a
semester studying in a university or other
educational experience in a foreign country, in a
program sponsored by or coordinated by the Global
Education Office. The recipient must be in good
academic standing, and be identified as a good
representative of Millersville University by the
Director of the Global Education office.
John G Williams '64 Study
Abroad Scholarship
This award will be given to a student who
is a junior or senior with demonstrated financial
need. First preference will be to a student majoring
in the industrial technology education program.
Second preference will be for a secondary education
Marburg Scholarship Awarded to students studying abroad in Marburg.