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Non-MU Programs

Whether you study abroad through an MU or Non-MU program, you are required to first apply for study abroad approval through the Office of International Programs  Services. All Non-MU program applicants must first apply to and receive approval from our office to verify that the program meets all of the necessary requirements for credit transfer, during their Advising Stage. Students are then required to apply to the Non-MU Study Abroad Application during the regular study abroad application cycle. Once a student has been accepted, they may continue on to apply to their specific Non-MU program directly. 

Below are the steps to study abroad through a Non-MU Program:

1. Start your study abroad Advising
2. Research study abroad programs. If there are multiple countries you are considering as a study abroad destination, you will need to do some research to narrow down your options. Determine which country has programs that will best suit your academic, personal, and financial needs. 2. Select a study abroad program. When choosing a program there are many factors to keep in mind:
  • Program location – country, city vs. rural, university
  • Program costs (Be sure to carefully read what the costs include. One program may seem more expensive than another, but it may be because it includes meal options, room and board, excursions, etc. while the other program may only include tuition.)
  • GPA requirements of the program
  • Language requirements of the program and what language the courses are taught in. Do you meet the proficiency?
  • Course offering and credit equivalences – Does this institution offer courses that will ensure you can make academic progress? Are you looking to take classes in your major/minor or mostly general education courses? Ask your advisor and department chair if there are any restrictions as to which courses can be taken abroad. Some departments have their own requirements on what courses can be transferred in and what ones must be taken at MU. In most cases, credit equivalencies are determined by contact hours.
  • Make note of who is issuing the transcript. In order to transfer credit to Millersville, credit must be issued by an accredited university. (In some cases you may be required to pay an additional fee for this.)
3. Complete the Non-MU program approval process. 

Approving your Non-MU Program

Non-MU Program Approval Form

Submit the above form along with proof to each of the answers you provide to You may get several programs approved by submitting a form for each program. It takes about one week to approve a program. Once you have received approval regarding your desired program, you may then apply during the regular application cycles. You may only apply to study abroad through ONE approved Non-MU program.

Note: If your Non-MU program has a deadline that is near to or earlier than Millersville's application deadline, you will be notified of an earlier specific deadline just for you.