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1. Advising

Before you can apply to a program and be accepted, all study abroad participants must complete advising. The two step process provides an opportunity for participants to receive information about types of programs, funding opportunities for scholarships, specific program details such as cost, academic information, financial policies, financial aid and more. 

Step 1: Study Abroad Mentor Session

What is a Study Abroad Mentor Session?

The mentor session offers a chance to talk to past participants about general study abroad questions. They can help you learn to navigate the website, search for programs, answer general questions and more.

Mentor Sessions are available anytime during our office hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm. You do not need an appointment but may request one by stopping by the office in person, calling 717-871-7506, or emailing

Your Next Steps:

  • After your Mentor Session, complete your Contact Information questionnaire so that we may schedule you for a specific Advising Meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor. If you previously completed it, make sure that the information is up-to-date.
  • If you were unable to choose a program by the end of your Mentor Session, staff will ask that you do some more research on your own and to contact the office again when you are ready to start Step 2. You can email indicating you are ready to move on. 
Check out the following web pages for more information about studying abroad:
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Financial Policies
Study Abroad Handbook
"Program Search" feature
Health and Safety Abroad
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Other Scholarships

Step 2: Advising Meeting with IPS Staff

What is an Advising Meeting?
The meeting is intended to give students all of the necessary important information that you and other parties (Ex.parents, family, friends) would need in order to help you make a decision to study abroad. At the meeting, IPS staff review information relating to costs, housing, meals, classes, credits and grades, and more. Come to the meeting prepared with questions! 

How is this Meeting Scheduled?
In order for the office to schedule an Advising Meeting, you must have completed your Mentor session and completed your Contact Information questionnaire. You will provide your phone number and days/times that you are available to meet. IPS staff will then contact you via email and/or phone to set up and confirm your appointment. 

Your Next Steps:
  • Discuss Your Plans with family, friends, significant others, or those involved in the decision-making process for your study abroad experience. 
  • Meet with your academic advisor(s) to discuss how to make academic progress abroad. If you or your advisor have any questions or concerns contact your study abroad advisor.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your study abroad expenses and to receive an estimate of your recalculated financial aid package.