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Getting Ready to Go

Preparing to study abroad requires time, planning, and organizational skills. Once you have been approved to study abroad, there are still more steps to take. In addition to the information below, there will be specific paperwork, tasks and information related to your study abroad program to complete on your Study Abroad Portal. 

Complete ALL pre-departure paperwork in your Portal.

Review the Study Abroad Handbook

Review the Health & Safety Abroad webpages

Attend Pre-Departure Orientation

Meet with the Financial Aid Office if you have not yet done so

Pre-Departure Paperwork

Once you receive your acceptance e-mail from the Office of International Programs & Services you will be notified to log back into your account to begin the Pre-Departure Paperwork stage. In this stage, you will work on important forms for your study abroad program, gather flight information, and other important documents that you will need to complete before you depart the country.

Some items on the Pre-Departure stage have early deadlines. You should start these as soon as possible otherwise it may hinder your ability to participate in the program. 

Study Abroad Handbook & Resources

Read the handbook thoroughly and prepare a list of questions for Pre-Departure Orientation. It is recommended to share your handbook with your guests coming with you to orientation.

READ the Study Abroad Handbook and the Health and Safety Abroad webpages in their entirety and prepare questions before the study abroad orientation.
SHARE a copy of the handbook with any person involved in the decision making process for your study abroad experience. They should have a copy of the handbook, regardless of whether or not they will be attending the Pre-Departure Orientation. Many questions can be answered by reading the handbook and by reviewing the information on this website.
ENSURE that you have access to your handbook to reference during your travels. 

Pre-Departure Orientation

Pre-Departure Orientation is mandatory. Because of this, the date, time and location is included with your study abroad acceptance email. This orientation is CRUCIAL to prepare you for going abroad and is required for all students who have been accepted to study abroad. Complete as much of your Pre-Departure paperwork as you can, and read your Study Abroad Handbook carefully to prepare a list of questions to bring with you to orientation. It is also recommended to share your handbook with your guests coming with you to orientation. 

Friends and/or family are encouraged to attend the orientation with you, but not for you