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Why Study Abroad?

Why study Abroad by iie Generation Study Abroad.
According to the Pennsylvania Council on International Education: 

  • Currently, 6,500 international companies employ 300,000 people within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • In 2010, 40,000 immigrant-owned businesses in Pennsylvania represented 8.2% of the economy of $2.2 billion in annual income.
  • More and more U.S. jobs are linked to international trade, particularly in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and health sciences. Pennsylvania is host to top quality, internationally-recognized universities for STEM education.
  • As of 2014, the total number of immigrants residing in PA eclipsed 750,000 for a total population of 5.9%. Growth in the foreign-born population increased 49.6% between 2000-2013. In addition to the creation of new jobs to assist this population, our students must graduate with the skills and compassion to understand the diverse members of society. 
Professional Reasons and Earned Skills:
Even if you don't end up staying in PA, a 2013 AIM Overseas report stated 61% of employers agree that an overseas study experience is a positive on a resume. Additionally, 72% of employers agree that knowing a second language adds to the appeal of a prospective employee. The same study reported 95% of students found the exchange experience as useful with regard to their future career plans!  A recent survey notes nearly 40% of 800 U.S. companies missed out on international business opportunities in the past five years due to lack of internationally competent employees.
  • Increase international job prospects or global networking
  • Identify/change career objectives
  • Work as part of a team often with members with different perspectives and approaches
  • Function with a high level of ambiguity
  • Communicate through language barriers
Academic Reasons and Earned Skills: 
Not only can you increase your ability to communicate with more people around the world, you'll be learning from the best of the best in your field all while earning academic credit. After completing a study abroad program, 80% of alumni noted a stronger interest in and dedication to their studies and 87% credited study abroad for their desire to pursue more educational experiences.
  • Resume or graduate school application
  • Learn your major content from a different perspective (Education/teaching skills, business methods, etc.)
  • Practice/enhance language skills
  • Take classes that are not available at MU
  • Greater knowledge of different cultures
Personal Reasons and Earned Skills:
At 97%, study abroad alumni have said that it had a lasting impact on their worldview coupled with an increase in confidence. Studying abroad helps you to gain direction, new ways of thinking and expands your creativity. Additionally, interacting with people from different cultures helps you understand your own cultural values, beliefs and perceptions.
  • Learn to take Initiative; be confident in skills and ideas
  • Handle difficult situations diplomatically
  • Learn self-reliance and function independently
  • Crisis management: identify problems and utilize available (often limited) resources to solve problems
  • Approach issues with open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity
  • Adapt to new environments
  • Demonstrate flexibility
  • Develop intercultural awareness
  • Learn more about your self and how you identify
  • Gain life experience
  • Ability to travel between classes/internships
  • Appreciate friend/family or situation in life more
For more information on Study Abroad statistics and data you can view the Institute of International Education website