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While Abroad

Once you have arrived in your host location there are a few items to take care of. In addition to the information below, there will be specific paperwork, tasks and information related to your study abroad program to complete on your Study Abroad Portal. 

Check in with IPS staff and with your friends and family

Complete the Local Emergency Contact Information questionnaire on your Portal

Confirm which courses you are taking on your Portal. This may lead to updating your Transfer of Credit Form if necessary

Review the Travel Notification Form and be sure to notify IPS of any overnight trips

Register for classes for when you return to Millersville

Complete your application for Graduation (if applicable)

Stay Connected to Global Ed! #MUGlobal

Check your Marauder Mail lately? This is how all important information is communicated by MU and IPS. so don't forget to check it on a regular basis.
Keeping a blog or journal? Don't forget to tell us about your experiences. We love to hear from you!

Photo Contest

Remember to take lots of pictures! Winners of the Photo Contest's various categories get a prize! Check out these contest categories:
  • Marauders Abroad: Photos of you and/or other MU students on your program abroad.
  • Marauders in Action: Photos of you and/or other MU students actively participating in a volunteer, service-learning, or internship opportunity OR photos of you "in action" in some other exciting way.
  • MU Spirit: Wearing a Millersville t-shirt in a photo? Holding up an MU banner or showing off your Skully? Show us your MU themed photo. 
  • People and Culture: Photos that truly capture the essence of the people and culture of your host country and the places you've visited.
  • Landscapes and Landmarks: Photos that show the natural and urban wonders of your host country and the places you've visited.