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Opportunities After Graduation

Millersville University and The Office of International Programs and Services have not reviewed or partnered with any of the resources listed on this webpage. It is important to do thorough research into any program or opportunity you apply for. IPS also does not officially advise students on international experiences that will take place after you graduate from Millersville University. However, we encourage it! So we have compiled a list of programs and activities if you are interested in extending your interest in all things international.

Life After Study Abroad is a site that contains articles about various options for your next adventure abroad. 
My World Abroad is a site that contains information about interning and working abroad.
Peace Corps:
The Peace Corps Volunteer program allows you the chance to fully integrate into a host country community, where you will live and work on projects ranging from education to business development. Primary areas of interest to the program are education, Agriculture, Community Development, Health, etc. This is also a great program and resume booster for those seeking to work in the government in the future!
Work/Intern/Volunteer Abroad:
Work Abroad programs can be great as resume boosters or just as a way to put your foot in the door in a particular industry.  It’s also a great way to earn money and gain global skills while traveling. There are various options from teaching English listed separately above, to Child Care/Au Pair, Science and Healthcare, Hospitality, etc.
Job Boards: Volunteer Abroad: