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GO Guided


Current Short Term Program

Summer 2018
  • MU Guided: England - Theatre (Applications Closed)
  • MU Guided: Europe - Music and Culture (Applications Closed) 
  • MU Guided: Puerto Rico - Disaster Relief (Applications Closed)
  • MU Guided: Belize - Mathematics and Culture (Applications Closed)
  • MU Guided: Iceland - Sustainability (Applications Closed)
  • MU Guided: Switzerland - PEI Conference
Fall 2018 Winter 2019 MU Courses Abroad 

Millersville University courses abroad are short-term courses that are coordinated by MU professors.  They are generally offered during the summer or winter sessions, however, occasionally there are also trips planned during spring break. Courses vary in length and usually require additional class meetings before the trip, or upon return.

Past courses have taken place in Iceland, Costa Rica, South Africa, England, and Northern Ireland. MU Courses Abroad change from year to year. New offerings are continually under development, so check this webpage frequently for updates! 

If you are interested in participating in one of Millersville's courses abroad, it is important to plan early and contact the professor offering the course as soon as possible. Each course has a limited number of participants allowed and the courses tend to fill up quickly.  

Each course is typically 3 credits; however, the number of credits that can be earned varies. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you review each course's "Program Offerings" to determine how the course can best help you make academic progress.  Some course offerings count as General Education classes and/or General Education requirements.

MU Trips Abroad

Millersville University faculty and staff may invite students to participate in international conferences, international sporting events, international research in relation to a course or assisting in field research, or other similar trips. These trips are generally not for academic credit. Typically, students are invited directly from a faculty or staff member and only need to complete basic documentation with our office through the MU Trips Abroad Application. Please notify Global Education if you intend to participate in one of these experiences. 

MU Service Learning/Cultural Experience Abroad

Another opportunity to go abroad for a short-term experience includes participating in a Service Learning or Cultural Learning Trip. An important difference between an MU Course Abroad and a MU Service Learning/Cultural Experience Trip is that Service learning/ Cultural Experiences are generally not for academic credit.

Students participate in these trips in order to have a high impact experience, volunteer in a country that is of need, or simply because they are interested in traveling to that location.
Some professors may offer an independent study attached to the Service Learning or Cultural Experience, though if students are interested they should coordinate those details with the professor organizing the trip.