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Stage 5: Upon Your Return

Header: Upon Return

Study Abroad Survey

Global Education wants YOUR FEEDBACK about your study abroad experience. Help us help future participants by completing the return SURVEY.
We take your opinions seriously to improve the study abroad program. Your input helps demonstrate to Millersville University how important an international experience is to university students.

To start the 5 minute survey click here:

Photo Contest
Photo Contest

Did you take great photos? You could be one step away from being the next Global Ed. Photo Contest WINNER!

Global Education cannot wait to see YOUR FANTASTIC PICTURES! We strongly encourage you to enter the contest, which is a great way to show off some of the amazing images you've captured during your time abroad.

  • Marauders Abroad: Photos of you and/or other MU students on your program abroad.
  • Marauders in Action: Photos of you and/or other MU students actively participating in a volunteer, service-learning, or internship opportunity OR photos of you "in action" in some other exciting way.
  • Skully Abroad: Where has your Skully been? Make sure Skully is smiling in each of these photos!
  • People and Culture: Photos that truly capture the essence of the people and culture of your host country and the places you've visited.
  • Landscapes and Landmarks: Photos that show the natural and urban wonders of your host country and the places you've visited.
Look at Past Winners Here!

Global Ambassadors
Global Education Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?
The Global Education Ambassador program is a creative outlet for sharing your study abroad experiences. Ambassadors are able to meet other students who are planning to study abroad while gaining professional experience creating and organizing events. After completing the program, Ambassadors earn an official Global Education Ambassador Recognition Letter and Certificate. (Great for portfolios and resumés!)

What's the commitment?
Participate in two activities to help Global Education. For example:

  • Share your insider information and expertise about your study abroad location at a Study Abroad Info Session
  • Help prepare students who are about to depart for studying abroad

Create and coordinate your very own event. For example:

  • Present the value of your study abroad experience to a Millersville class, organization, or club
  • Host a social activity for the international exchange students

You are three activities away from becoming a GLOBAL EDUCATION AMBASSADOR!

Intern Staff
Intern at Global Education!

Already thinking ahead about how you can make your study abroad experience work for you after you return home?

Anthropology, Business, Communications, Government, International Studies and Sociology, Public Relations Majors

If you are any major other than what is listed above, you should contact your academic advisor(s) ASAP and ask if they would be willing to grant you credit for the internship. Make sure to send them the job description! Global Education only accepts students who would be interning for academic credit.

Global Marauders

Global Marauders is a social club that promotes and encourages friendship, communication, and support between international and MU students. Global Marauders provides a place where students can socialize, connect, and learn about each other as well as other cultures. If you are interested in this new club, please contact

Study Abroad Transfer of Credit

 Global Education emails study abroad participants while they are abroad to confirm that all classes taken at their host institution match those listed on their Study Abroad Transfer of Credits Form (and that pre-approved equivalencies have been provided).  If you responded to this email and finalized course equivalents for any courses you took that were not originally on your Student Abroad Transfer of Credits Form, there should be no issues with the transfer of your credits.

Your host university/program should send transcripts directly to Global Education. If your Transfer of Credits Form matches the courses listed on your transcript and we receive the transcript at Global Education, you will receive via email an electronic copy of your transcript before we forward the original to the Registrar's Office. Note: It can take up to 6 weeks to process the transcript so that your classes taken abroad appear on your DARS.

If you took any classes that were not listed on your original Study Abroad Transfer of Credits Form and you did not contact the Office to revise it, there will be a delay to get your credits posted to your DARS. If this is the case, you must contact Global Education or your Program Coordinator directly for further instructions. Your transcript cannot be processed without your Study Abroad Transfer of Credits Form being revised.