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Health Insurance

Millersville University policy requires that you purchase an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) (April Travel Protection) to be valid for the duration of your program abroad. The ISIC Basic provides the minimum health and travel insurance coverage recommended for traveling abroad. ISIC also offers Premium & Explorer options which provide a higher level of health and travel insurance coverage as well as other benefits. For plan details refer to the ISIC website.
Note: Some Non-MU programs include health and travel insurance. If this is the case, this insurance must be approved by your Program Coordinator at Millersville, to determine if it meets the minimum benefits of the ISIC Basic plan. Non-MU program participants must provide the details/summary of benefits of your Non-MU insurance coverage. If your coverage is not adequate, MU requires you to purchase at least the ISIC Basic plan.
Submitting an ISC Insurance Claim:

Follow the directions below to submit a claim to April Travel Protection (ISIC). If you have other primary insurance that covers you abroad, such as your parent’s health insurance or insurance through your employer, April Travel Protection will require you to make a claim with your primary insurance first and then submit the remaining costs to April Travel Protection. April Travel Protection must receive written communication within 90 days after a covered loss occurs:
  • Request an Insurance Claim Form: Call or email using the contact information below to request an Insurance Claim Form & inquire about the required documentation given your coverage (Basic, Premium, and Explorer).
  • Provide the Required Documentation: After you complete your claim form, provide the supporting documentation needed to complete the claim process.
  • Trip Delay: Obtain specific dated documents which provide proof of the reason for delay (airline or cruise line forms, medical statements, etc. Submit this documentation along with your trip itinerary and all receipts for expenses incurred.)
  • Medical Expenses: Obtain receipts from the providers of services, etc., stating the amount paid and listing the diagnosis and treatment; submit these first to other medical plans. Provide a copy of their final disposition of your claim.
  • Baggage: Obtain statement from the common carrier that your baggage was delayed or a police report showing your baggage was stolen along with copies of the receipts for your purchases.
Report your claim to April Travel Protection at one of these telephone numbers:
Within the USA: Toll Free: (855)-743-6739
Outside the USA: Collect: (305) 455-1571
Email for claims: