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Embassy Services

American embassies overseas will assist you in times of national crisis or threatening circumstances.  Embassies will not assist you if, by virtue of your own actions, you break the laws of the country in which you reside.  If you are arrested and taken to jail for a crime you have knowingly committed, the embassy is not responsible for your release.  The US government has no funds for your legal fees or other related expenses. 

If you experience difficulties with the local authorities, remember that American officials are limited by foreign laws, US regulations, and geography as to what they can do.  Should you find yourself in need of legal counsel, contact the nearest consular office and they can provide you with a list of attorneys and other services.  Consular offices will do whatever they can to protect your legitimate interests and insure that you are not discriminated against under local law.  But they cannot get you out of jail.  

If you are arrested, immediately ask to notify the nearest US Embassy.  You have the right to contact the American Consulate.  If you are unable to do this, try to have someone contact the embassy for you.  The Consulate should visit you, contact family and friends and can assist in the transfer of money, clothing and food.