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How to Study Abroad

Study Abroad Cycle: 
Advising > Application > Getting Ready to Go > While Abroad > Upon Return

Millersville University students may study abroad in nearly every country worldwide. Although most students study abroad during their sophomore or junior year, students may study or participate in a professional international experience abroad, any time after completing 24 academic credits of study.

Study Abroad encompasses many different kinds of programs. To professional internships to non-credit service learning. In order to better understand the terminology Global Education will use during the advising process, see below for a list of the various kinds of study abroad:

Traditional Study Abroad: Where you take academic classes at an international university or center. 
Professional Experiences Abroad: Gain professional “hands-on” experience in another culture, all while boosting your resume! 
MU Courses/Groups Abroad: If you are looking for a shorter study abroad experience, or a more guided experience, you can participate in a MU Course/Group Abroad. These are courses, service learning trips, or other experience offered and led by MU professors/staff who take a group of students abroad. These can be for credit, typically 3-6 credits, or not for credit. 

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Why Study Abroad?

According to the Pennsylvania Council on International Education: 
  • Currently, 6,500 international companies employ 300,000 people within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • In 2010, 40,000 immigrant-owned businesses in Pennsylvania represented 8.2% of the economy of $2.2 billion in annual income.
  • More and more U.S. jobs are linked to international trade, particularly in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and health sciences. Pennsylvania is host to top quality, internationally-recognized universities for STEM education.
  • As of 2014, the total number of immigrants residing in PA eclipsed 750,000 for a total population of 5.9%. Growth in the foreign-born population increased 49.6% between 2000-2013. In addition to the creation of new jobs to assist this population, our students must graduate with the skills and compassion to understand the diverse members of society. 
Even if you don't end up staying in PA, a 2013 AIM Overseas report stated 61% of employers agree that an overseas study experience is a positive on a resume. Additionally, 72% of employers agree that knowing a second language adds to the appeal of a prospective employee. The same study reported 95% of students found the exchange experience as useful with regard to their future career plans! 

Professional/Academic Reasons:
  • It will look good on a resume or graduate school application
  • Practice/enhance language skills
  • Learn your major content from a different perspective (Education/teaching skills, business methods, etc.)
  • Increase international job prospects or global networking
  • Take classes that are not available at MU
  • Greater knowledge of different cultures
Personal Reasons:
  • Gain independence
  • Learn self-reliance
  • Learn more about your self and how you identify yourself
  • Gain life experience
  • Ability to travel between classes/internships
  • Appreciate friend/family or situation in life more

Study Abroad Eligibility Criteria

To review the full Millersville University study abroad policy, please view the Governance Manual webpage
  • Students must have completed a minimum of 24 college credits (individual programs may have higher requirements) prior to departure. Credit requirements for faculty/staff-led programs can be reduced. Students may submit their application for the upcoming study abroad term during the semester in which they complete the minimum credit requirements. 
  • Students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA at time of application (individual programs may have higher requirements), and maintain their GPA prior to departure.
  • Students must be in good judicial standing. The opportunity to study abroad may be denied based on a student’s judicial standing with the University as defined in the Student Code of Conduct. Judicial standing will be evaluated at the time of the student’s initial application and monitored before his/her departure until the student returns from their experience abroad. A student is required to abide by MU’s Code of Conduct while abroad. Any incidents while abroad that violate MU’s Code of Conduct will be processed by Millersville’s Judicial Affairs Office. If a student is required to withdraw from a study abroad program for academic or conduct reasons, either before or after the program officially begins, no money will be refunded. Note: A suspension from MU encompasses all university activities, which includes study abroad.
  • Students must demonstrate the personal maturity, responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the stress management skills necessary for a successful study abroad experience.
  • Students must pay all applicable fees. This includes but is not limited to application fees, participation fees, and the fee for international health and travel insurance through MU’s insurance provider.
  • Students must successfully complete the pre-departure process after approval is granted by Global Education. For students who do not complete the pre-departure process, Global Education reserves the right to revoke their program approval.